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"Thanks for the awesome job! Your drain worked and all the water drained! The drain spout in the side of the house was over flowing, going under the deck and out the other side by the side window well. Success! And the leaks in the electrical room stopped too!
Thank you!!!"


"Before my house could be sold I had a bunch of water leaks in my basement that needed repairing. With the open house date already scheduled, we needed to move quickly. Most were tie rod leaks but the big problem was coming from the cold cellar. Water was entering through the joints. I wasn't comfortable with using injection since most of the concrete affected by the water seemed damaged and was falling off. The ventilation was poor in the cold cellar and the original wood from construction was left, causing moisture on the wall and humidity in the air. It's fair to say everyone was afraid to go into the cellar.

Jared and his team were able to repair the water leaks and restore the cold cellar in time for the open house. By removing the wood, relocating the cold cellar vent and sealing up the joints, the cellar is cold and dry.

I would recommend calling CBTI to have Jared and his team take care of any basement water issues you might be having."


"I had my basement leak repaired in the Spring of 2013 using injection method. The technician assured me that this would solve my water leak issue. He explained that I had a foundation crack and that injection was the only way to repair it without digging from the outside to fix it. The price seemed reasonable ($450 before tax) to repair the 7ft crack. That Summer we had some pretty bad thunderstorms. After every storm I would check the basement. It was dry. Thinking my basement water leak problem was over I forgot about it until next Spring (2014) when my basement started leaking again. Luckily, I had waited a year to renovate the basement. It was leaking from the same place I thought had been repaired.

Disclaimer Note: I was asked not to include the company's name for the failed repair in my review.

When I called to explain that the injection failed and needed warranty work I was told their technicians schedule was full and I would have to wait until the Fall. Then, they tried to upsell me to an outside membrane for my basement which would cost me over $8,000, but would credit me the $450 from the failed 1st repair against it.

Upset, I looked for another solution and that is when I found BasementTO. They put me in touch with Jared. He explained that injections fail over time because of our freeze and thaw climate in Canada and will eventually separate from the concrete. Water from outside gets into the foundation through micro-cracks in the concrete, expanding and contracting in these micro-cracks over the extreme hot and cold seasons opening them up to bigger cracks. Like a band aid on skin, injection repairs will rip off the concrete. I also learned injection fails can't be re-injected. They have to be chipped out completely by drill.

After $750, 5+ years and multiple storms and seasons later my 2nd repair has showed no signs of leaking. Jared uses a commercial grade concrete waterproofing product used in tunnels, dams and aqueducts. If it's good enough for commercial, it's fine for my basement. It was a thorough process. There are cheaper companies I got quotes from so they're on the pricier side; but if you want it done right the first time and to last, go with Jared. I learned the hard way with my injection repair experience."

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